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Front the Most 2014 – The Final Night

Last Sartuday, 31st May 2014, Thanh Xuan hall seemed to be blown away with FRONT THE MOST 2014 – THE FINALE: THIS IS IT! Over 800 guests have shown up ...

Front The Most’s amazing side events

1. MC Flash! “As for a girl like me who would really love to be an MC on stage, it’s my great honor to join such an interesting and professional event, ...

FRONT THE MOST 2013 • Promo

FRONT THE MOST IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!! For further information about FTM 2013, please follow this link FRONT THE MOST 2013 HAS COME BACK!


Want to know a little secret? Even the pros Once started from ZERO. Oprah Winfrey’s first job was at a grocery store Ellen DeGeneres used to be a waitress Larry ...

FRONT THE MOST 2012 • How to submit online

This is how you submit to FTM 2012 online.

FRONT THE MOST 2012 • Promo

This is the promo video clip for FTM 2012! More information can be found here:

Dressing tips for an MC

As we are moving towards the final round of this year’s Front the Most competition, apparently, most of the contestants are preparing thoroughly for their best appearance. Following are some ...

Front The Most 2011

What do you want to do when New Year’s come around? It could be something fun, like learning to dance or to play an instrument. It could be something terrific, ...

MC – Body Language Tips

Being an excellent MC needs a good voice, of course. But that’s not enough as you also need a good body language to get your message across better as well ...

Front The Most 2010 – 10 best candidates

Let’s take a look at all the beauties

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