Striking resemblances between Front The Most and Flappy Bird

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FRONT THE MOST – an annual English MC contest, held by English Club of Foreign Trade University.

FLAPPY BIRD – a recently well-known game, designed by Nguyen Ha Dong.

Do they have anything in common?

*Nod nod* YESSS.

They have English names but both are created by the Vietnamese (sure).

Birds and Bees are flying creature (in case you don’t know, bee is the mascot of EC-the organizer).

Loooook, the bird has 3 colors: dark blue –the theme color of FTM 2014; dark yellow , quite like orange – well, it’s EC’s color; and red – we don’t know but maybe it’s your costume color in the finale.

A stupid excellent idea.

Flappy bird stands out as a quite simple game since all you see on your screen is a bird. However, this unalike feature makes the “bird” fly high.

There are quite a lot of MC contests; however, FTM still builds its reputation because we create an MC contest but in English.

Easily difficult.

Sarcastically, this bird is super stupid to totally follows your way and crashes the pipe to death. Now you know how hard it is to keep it alive.

Sweet voice and a sexy body are often thought to hold special keys to become a real MC. In contrast, MC requires a wealth of skills, so we design FTM for you to practice the skills you have prepared.

They will drive you mad.

Stay away from anyone playing Flappy bird or they will go insane. If you do not believe that, google search with this key word “Teen arrested for killing his brother over Flappy bird game” or “I broke my phone playing Flappy bird”.

Seriously, FTM format always drives candidates crazy because of its challenging yet interesting obstacles. Unluckily, the troubles are never alike.


You talk to yourself “Ok, I will play Flappy Bird for 5 minutes or so” and then “or so” turn out to be 50 minutes or more. We call it “the ugly truth”.

But, FTM is an obsession even more. We see FTM everywhere, think about it, sleep with it, eat with it.

Hard-working is compensated.

How many attempts do you have to get a score over ten in Flappy bird. See what we mean.

Behind the success of every FTM season is the earnest efforts of every participant and ECer.

Replay button is on.

Lose one game and you can play it again.

Surprisingly, you can join FTM as a candidate 10 times since the eligible age raging from 16 to 25. But from our experience of organizing FTM for 7 years, you just need only one or two chances to reach your victory.

See, joining FTM is like playing Flappy bird, all you have to do is keep on moving or the game will be over and you lose. You don’t have to guild anyone (or any bird) or neither do you need any wing to “fly high”. FTM is just here waiting for you to PLAY.

And to download the GAME, check it.

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