Front The Most 2012 – The Final Night

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You will not be able to take your eyes off what?

  • Something bright and hot and on a large scale like a real stage with dozens of lights focusing on

  • Something amazing and attractive like the emcees mastering not only the ceremony but also the heart of hundreds of audiences

  • Or something interesting like the intricateness in everyday life of an MC happening right on the stage

FRONT THE MOST 2012 – the Finale

Showtime: 6pm, Saturday, March 10th, 2012

Venue: 3rd floor, VJCC building, FTU – 91 Chua Lang Str.

Tickets are free!

(Get free tickets from EC booth at B Building – FTU or get online tickets on this page >:D<)

Come to see:

-         How 10 best candidates so confidently run the show without any fear in part 1: Solo, regardless of:

  • being alone on a tremendous and radiant and no-mistake-allowed stage
  • being puzzled by trouble makers and a brand new trouble only in FTM the 6th

-         How they and the famous MCs on VTV become such a perfect “couple” in part 2: Duo.

Or in short:

How they can outshine the spotlight and burn the stage!

With lots of famous MCs joining us as our judges and our co–MCs!

An event that you can’t help hitting I’m Going!, not just “ like

Add FTM 2012 the finale to your timeline now!

Special thanks to our Gold sponsor – GLN English Center; Silver sponsors: Education First International Academy, Topica Education Group, specialty sponsor MTS Vietnam and media sponsors VTC10, VTV6, iOne, VnMedia, Saga, Khong gian tre for helping us organize this event.

For further information, visit our website:

Hotline: 0168 415 5500 (Ms. Hà Trang) (no SMS please)

EC awaits you >:D<

Come as guests, Stay as family



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