Halloween Party – Valloween

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Under the cover of night

The music is ON

Excessive noise… Exciting dance…

…NO ONE realizes…

A mask drops from the groom’s face…

And a frightening scream is dipped into darkness…

It reveals… a forgotten love’s tragedy…

Have you ever been to a Wedding in Hell?

Join EC’s magical prom

…And find out… the hidden truth…


Prom Hell With Love

A one-of-a-kind wedding only seen in hell!

Horrific dishes together with bloody drinks!

A crazy night with nonstop dance!

Zombies and ghouls’ freaky performances!

Time: 7:00pm, Saturday, October 29th, 2011

Tickets: available at EC info booth at B building, FTU Oct 24th – 29th

Price: 40,000 VND/ticket (75,000 VND for 2 tickets)

Venue: E-town center – 4th floor, Lang Trung building, No 60, alley 850, Lang Str., Dong Da dist., Hanoi

Remember to put on your craziest costume to win the prize for the best COSPLAY COUPLE!

Chances to win 30% scholarships (4,800,000 VND worth) of  ”Super speed communicative English” long term course from E-TOWN center!

Come and see the awakening of a buried love!

For more information:

Hotline: Ms Huong Giang (0976196856) (No SMS please)

Website: http://www.ec-ftu.org/

EC awaits you! >:D<

For those who do not know the way to E-town center, this map might help >:D<

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  2. can’t wait to next Saturday night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Prom Prom Prommmmmmmmmmmmmm \:D/


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