The downside of Facebook

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The downside of Facebook


Facebook is no wonder the most favorite social network of today’s young generation. Right when Yahoo! 360 was officially stopped, Facebook became the “leader” of the existed social networks.  Yahoo’s alternative service – Yahoo plus, Twitter or the old MySpace cannot beat Facebook on the way of achieving that title.

Facebook users meet many troubles while using its service as well as its many applications. You must have well heard of the news that an employee lost her job just because of talking behind her boss’s back on such a public place like Facebook. You may also know many cases of Facebook users being imposters, among which the most famous one is someone who made himself known as the… President of Guyana.

What about you yourself? Don’t you find anything inconvenient or even harmful using that social network? Then think of those times when…


Image: using Facebook
- using Facebook -

the virus “Koobface” – which was spread by using Facebook – threatened your computer and the lovely Facebook became where the danger hid.

You “tag” your friend in a picture, a video or a note. And that friend’s friends will also see those stuffs even if your profile is limited!

You just want to drop by for a second to check what’s going on with your best friends on their pages. But a funny picture catches your eyes. Then you go on seeing the whole album. Then you find an interesting comment from another friend. You go on seeing his/her page. Then the title of the latest note just sounds too interesting to miss. Do you know what happens next? You will spend hours and hours checking what’s going on with the whole friend list…

Below is a short video clip we made for the 3rd Get-together 2009, and we think it might give you some ideas of what we are discussing about (alternatively, you can view this clip on our TV: Yet another debate):

That is how we use Facebook everyday. That is why we feel so uncomfortable being unable to get access to it these days. That is how Facebook is ruining our time management and taking over our social communicating. That is how it is becoming a threat – how we make it betray us ourselves.

Why don’t you try not to log in to Facebook for a week and see how many more things you could do using the time that was meant for it? Then when you come back, you can use it wisely to take its advantages only and cross out the disadvantages.

Nothing is good or bad itself. It is just as good or as bad as we make it. It’s high time we started to make Facebook good for our own sake. Please continue to discuss this matter on our forum: About Facebook.

We’d love to hear your opinion! Thanks for reading!

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